We are an entertainment company geared towards the development and marketing of recording artists.
We serve our clients by providing them access to the industry’s top producers,
engineers and legal services – whatever best compliments your endgame.
The description below outlines the three services we offer:

Artist Development
 Artist Development

The process of working closely with our producers to enhance the effectiveness of the artist’s communication with their desired audience. We coach and refine the talent from raw prospect to professional recording artist

Production Services
 Production Services

Work with seasoned songwriters to fine-tune and further organize the performance material (songs) of the artist. The sub-categories of this are: music production (song creation), audio recording, material placement and licensing (songs in movie soundtracks, commercials, CD’s, sporting events, etc.)


Consultation for the artist when courting with a record label or creating an independent situation.


Consultation Package
  • Artist Representation
  • Publishing
  • Liscensing
  • Label Distribution
Project Promotion Package
  • Event Promotion
  • Radio Placement
  • Internet Marketing
  • Project Branding
  • PR
Production Services Package
  • Sound Design
  • Commercial Production
  • Scoring
  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Our Clients

  • Recording artists who wish to create new material.
  • Recording artists who have written material and need original music.
  • Independent recording artists who are in need of professional representation.
  • Managers who have artist rosters of their own but require either advanced production services or high-level A&R (Artist Repertoire) access.
  • Commercial music-placement and licensing companies in need of music to fill specific opportunities for various commercial spots, trailers and broadcast events.